Multivitamin Powder

Multivitamin Powder

Mulvitamin water soluble powder Composition: Contains per gram: Vitamin A 5000IU Lysin 150mg Vitamin B1 1.5mg Nicotinamid 2mg Vitamin B2 5mg BHA/BHT Mix 20mg Vitamin B6 0.5mg Methionine 300mg Vitamin B12 0.025mg Folic Acid 0.2mg Vitamin C 10mg Calcium Pantothenate 6mg Vitamin D3 500IU Vitamin E...

Product Details

Mulvitamin water soluble powder  



Contains per gram:

Vitamin A    5000IU               Lysin                  150mg

Vitamin B1    1.5mg               Nicotinamid             2mg

Vitamin B2    5mg                 BHA/BHT   Mix        20mg

Vitamin B6    0.5mg               Methionine             300mg

Vitamin B12   0.025mg             Folic Acid              0.2mg      

Vitamin C     10mg                Calcium Pantothenate   6mg

Vitamin D3    500IU

Vitamin E     5mg


Uses :

Mulvitamin is indicated for the following:

-Lack of vitamin ,trace elements and amino acids

-The producing period(spawning period,growth period and milk period)

-Convalescent period 

Method of use:

Mulvitamin is dispersed easily in cold water and all other liquids,it can mix other substance


Dosage and administration:

Mulvitamin is distributed 2days every month and used according to the following dosage:

Bovines equines and camels:

Adult 2 sachets young: 1sachet

Ovines and goats adult:1 sachet

Young 1/2 sachet


Mix 15gm mulvitamin in 3-4liter of drinking water ,treatment should be continuted 1 to 5 weeks