Ypes And Quality Requirements Of Tablets

- Apr 28, 2018-

Types: common suppressing tablets, coated tablets, sugar coated tablets, film coated tablets, enteric coated tablets, effervescent tablets, chewing tablets, multilayer tablets, dispersible tablets, sublingual tablets, mouth buccal tablets, implant tablets, solution tablets and sustained release tablets.

Traditional Chinese medicine tablets refer to tablets or special-shaped tablets prepared from the extract of medicinal herbs or medicinal materials plus powder or excipients. It is divided into raw powder tablet and extract (semi - extract).

During production and storage, the tablets should be in accordance with the following

The relevant provisions:

First, the mixture of raw materials and excipients is uniform. Tablets containing small amounts of drugs or drugs containing drugs should be evenly distributed by suitable methods.

Two, any volatile or light and heat unstable drugs should be shaded and avoided during the production process to avoid loss or failure of components.

Three, the material or granule before pressing should be controlled to meet the needs of the production process and prevent the tablets from becoming moldy and deteriorated during storage.

Four. Buccal tablets, oral patches, chewable tablets, dispersible tablets, effervescent tablets and so on can be added as flavoring agents, aromatherapy agents and coloring agents.