What Should Pay Attention To In Raising Pigs In Autumn?

- Dec 14, 2018-

After the beginning of autumn, from the hot summer to the cool autumn, the temperature dropped greatly. At this time, the appetite of pigs increased, and the upper jaw was fast. Therefore, for the farmers, autumn is the golden age of raising pigs. However, the temperature difference between day and night in autumn is 5-10 °C, which will have a certain impact on the growth of pigs. Therefore, appropriate measures should be taken. What should be paid attention to in raising pigs in autumn?

First, insulation

1, to control the temperature of the pig house, because the temperature difference between morning and evening is too large, if you do not pay attention to keep warm, it is easy to make pigs stress.

2. Do a good job of protecting the pig house from moisture, so as to avoid diseases caused by moisture.

3, generally from 10 am to 3 pm, the pig house should be more ventilation and ventilation to ensure the flow of air.

Second, pay attention to nutrition

Autumn is the harvest season. At this time, the pigs have a bad appetite in the summer and the appetite is wide in the autumn. Therefore, the feed formula should be properly adjusted, and the nutritious and high-calorie full-price feed should be added to ensure the nutritional needs of the pigs. .

Third, prevent feed mold

Due to the rainy autumn, the feed is extremely susceptible to mold and deterioration, so the procurement and storage of feed should be the key work.

If the farmer self-contains the feed diet, it should be noted that the self-matching quantity should be appropriately reduced according to the pig condition to avoid mildew.

If the purchased pigs are full price, they should be purchased less and purchased, which is convenient for storage. After opening the bag, it should be stored in the dark and used in time.

Once the feed is mildewed, if the pig eats it, it will be poisoned or suffocate due to severe hypoxia. Therefore, preventing the mildew of the feed is the most important thing in raising pigs in autumn.