Veterinary Drug Companies Strengthen Channel Construction Methods

- Dec 11, 2018-

The distribution channels of products and the management of customers in the channels are always the focus of the company. In the development process of the enterprise, only the channels are guaranteed to be smooth, and the market development work can be carried out smoothly, especially to strengthen the core customers who can improve the business performance of the company. The development and cultivation allows them to grow in keeping with the development of the company.

       1. “Say” the prospects, let customers clarify the strategic planning of the company

        Throughout the development process of any enterprise, it is a process from small to large, from weak to strong. In the stage of enterprise growth, we have no brand awareness, channel network and customer service are not perfect. At this time, we should first "customer" to customers. Say "the strategic plan of the company, explain the company's vision, mission, values and our strategic goals, plans, plans, let customers fully realize the prospect of cooperation with you, let him feel the cooperation between you brings him It is a long-term interest. Only in this way, in the short-term interests of competitors, our customers will not be confused, in order to reduce the loss rate of customers.

        2. "Do" management to achieve a win-win situation for manufacturers

      Clear product market positioning Does the company's products have significant efficacy? Is the product price reasonable? Is there an appropriate profit margin? In the market development, enterprises must fully listen to the opinions of customers, and truly achieve the "three wins" of the cooperation of manufacturers - products with remarkable curative effect, reasonable prices, and appropriate profit margins.

        Improving the service quality of enterprises When dealing with customer complaints and suggestions, we should enthusiasm, initiative and timely resolve customer conflicts. The author suggests that veterinary drug companies should regularly train sales of internal and market service personnel to improve their professionalism and professional skills. Attitude and personalized service better meet customer needs. For example, check the quantity and name of the product at the time of shipment; inquire about the arrival of the goods after delivery, the required products, etc.; in the after-sales technical service, promptly answer the customer's problems and guide the rational use of drugs.

       In short, enterprises must ensure the smooth flow of circulation channels and cultivate the cooperation loyalty of core customers. It is necessary to focus on strategy, strengthen management, and manage their business. To face customers, we must do what we say, and we must do what we say.