The History Of The Development Of Tablets

- Apr 28, 2018-

The tablets were developed on the basis of the use of pills. It was created in 40s nineteenth Century, and by the end of nineteenth Century, with the emergence and continuous improvement of the press machinery, the production and application of the tablets have been developed rapidly. In the past ten years, the production technology of tablets and mechanical equipment have also developed greatly, such as boiling granulating, all powder direct pressing, half film coating, new auxiliary materials, new technology and production linkage. The research and production of Chinese herbal tablets began only in 50s. With the comprehensive research on the chemistry, pharmacology, preparation and clinical aspects of Chinese medicine, the variety and quantity of Chinese herbal tablets are increasing, the technological technology has been improved and the quality of the tablets is gradually improved. The type of Chinese medicine tablets is in addition to general pressing tablets, sugar coated tablets, microcapsules, buccal tablets, topical tablets and effervescent tablets. In the production process of tablet, a set of technological conditions suitable for the production of Chinese herbal tablets, such as the preparation of fatty oil and volatile oil tablets, how to improve the hardness of Chinese medicine tablets, improve the disintegration degree, the coating of tablets and so on gradually accumulate experience, so as to improve the quality. In addition, studies on the dissolution rate and bioavailability of drugs in Chinese herbal tablets have been carried out step by step. In short, the tablets have become one of the most widely used tablets in Chinese and other countries' Pharmacopoeia, which have become one of the most widely used tablets in China and many other countries.