The Four Elements Of Success Or Failure Of Raising Pigs

- Dec 26, 2018-

In the breeding of pigs, there are four factors that must be done to raise pigs, such as pig quality, pig farm environment, feed nutrition, and feeding management. These four elements are now described in detail as follows:

Pig quality: In the pig production process, the pig is the production machine. Its quality directly determines whether it can make a profit. Many pig farmers pay too much attention to price or body shape when they introduce, which often leads to failure of introduction and unnecessary economic loss.

Pig farm environment: In the pig production process, the pig farm environment is the production plant. It plays a vital role in the normal life of the breeding pigs and the efficient and stable production. Only by scientifically selecting the site and rationally arranging the pig houses can it provide a strong guarantee for the safe production of pigs and the cultivation of high-quality breeding pigs. Therefore, whether the site selection is scientific and reasonable is one of the key factors for the operation of the farm. If the pig farm is relatively dense, the probability of spreading the disease will increase, and the speed of transmission will also accelerate, which is not conducive to the implementation of comprehensive epidemic prevention.

Feed nutrition: In the process of pig production, feed is the “raw material”. It is the basis for the production of high-quality pigs. It provides safe, full-price and balanced diets for the nutritional needs of pigs at different stages, so that the production performance of pigs can be fully utilized. In the pig feed currently supplied by the market, it is one of the key factors to improve the economic efficiency of the pig farm by appropriately adding micro-ecological preparations such as trace elements to improve feed conversion ratio and enhance the body's resistance.

Feeding management: Scientific and reasonable feeding management will keep the pigs in good health and ensure their production potential is fully utilized. There are many factors involved in feed management, so feeding management is also the “controller” of high-quality products, and is the decision maker of success or failure.

In short, in order to make pig production safely and stably, it is necessary to strengthen the strict disinfection and scientific immune control based on the high-quality, safe, balanced and nutritious feed based on the hybrid pigs with excellent production performance. Pigs create a comfortable and comfortable environment and carry out scientific and orderly feeding management in order to maximize the profits of pig farms and make them possible in the pig raising business.