The Development Direction Of Veterinary Drug

- Nov 22, 2018-

1 Standardized development

China's veterinary drug industry is developing rapidly, but it is still in its infancy. Since the issuance of certificates in 1999, there are currently about 2,000 veterinary drug manufacturers certified by the Ministry of Agriculture in China. There are still problems that are not fully produced in accordance with GMP regulations, and that national quality standards are not strictly enforced. The market for veterinary drugs is broad, but the requirements are high and standardized development is the general trend.

2. Merger, reorganization, integration, asymptotic

The supervision of the veterinary drug industry continues to increase, and the market of the veterinary drug industry is constantly regulated, and the policy is tilted. Resources are concentrated in the dominant enterprises, and polarization occurs. Some disadvantaged companies are merged, reorganized or integrated by dominant companies.

3. From therapeutic drugs to preventive health care drugs

Food safety issues are getting more and more attention. The export restrictions of livestock and poultry products are becoming more and more strict. The intensification of China's aquaculture industry is getting higher and higher. Most of the major diseases of livestock and poultry have been eliminated or better controlled. Therapeutic drugs In particular, the use of antibiotics will decrease year by year.

4. Brand development has a long way to go

At present, the homogenization of veterinary drug products is serious, and the brand products that are particularly prominent are lacking. The brand is the embodiment of corporate reputation and image. It is the intangible asset of the enterprise. Taking the brand road, focusing on product innovation and intellectual property rights is the key to winning the market in the future.

5. New veterinary drug development will become the core of enterprise development

With long-term strategic planning, enterprises with independent intellectual property rights, and strong R&D strength will develop into the mainstream of the veterinary drug industry, and the development of new veterinary drugs will become the core of the company's future development competition.