The Characteristics Of The Tablets

- Apr 28, 2018-


1. The dissolution and bioavailability of tablets usually are better than that of pills.

2. The dosage is accurate and the drug content in tablets is small.

3. The quality is stable, the tablets are dry solid, and some drugs that are easy to oxidize and deteriorate can be protected by coating, light, air, water and so on are less affected.

4. Taking, carrying, transportation and other more convenient; 

5. Mechanized production, large output, low cost, easy to achieve health standards.


1. Some excipients are required to be added into tablets, and after compression molding, the dissolution rate is slower than that of powders and capsules, sometimes affecting their bioavailability.

2. Children and comatose patients are not easy to swallow

2. Tablets containing volatile components decreased after storage for a long time.