Tablet Filling Agent

- Apr 28, 2018-

Starch: Starch: more commonly used is corn starch, its properties are very stable, and most drugs do not play a role, the price is also cheaper, hygroscopicity, appearance and luster, in actual production, often with better compressible sugar powder, dextrin mixed use, this is because of the low compressible starch, if used alone, will be used The release of the tablets is too loose.

Two, sugar powder: sugar powder is the white powder made of crystal sucrose after low temperature drying. Its advantage is strong adhesion, can be used to increase the hardness of the tablet, and make the surface of the tablet smooth and beautiful. Its disadvantage lies in the strong hygroscopicity and long-term storage, which will make the tablet hard, disintegrate or dissolve out of the mouth. Tablets or soluble tablets are usually not used alone, often with dextrin and starch.

Three, dextrin: dextrin is the general name of the intermediate product of starch hydrolysis, its chemical formula is (C6H10O5) n XH2O, its water soluble substance is about 80%, dissolves slowly in cold water, soluble in hot water and insoluble in ethanol. It is also known as a high paste (high viscosity dextrin), that is, it has strong cohesiveness, and improper use can make pitting, watermark, or tablet disintegration or slow dissolution. In the same way, the accuracy and reproducibility of the results will affect the accuracy and reproducibility of the results if the content is not fully crushed. Using dextrin as a filler, it is often used with sugar powder and starch.