Tablet Filling Agent-1

- Apr 28, 2018-

Four, lactose: lactose is a good tablet filling agent, extracted from the milk of milk, widely used abroad, but because the price is more expensive, the domestic application is not much. The crystallized lactose containing a molecule of water (i.e., alpha water lactose) has no moisture absorption, good compressible, stable properties, no chemical reaction with most drugs, and the pressed tablets are smooth and beautiful; the lactose produced by spray drying is non crystalline lactose, and its fluidity and compressible properties are good and can be used for direct powder press.

Five, compressible starch: also known as pregelatinized starch (Pregelatinized starch), is a new medical excipient, Britain, the United States, Japan and Chinese Pharmacopoeia have been collected. China was successfully developed in 1988, and has been a large supply of market. Domestic compressible starch is part of pre gelatinized products (whole pre gelatinized starch, also called alpha starch), which is equivalent to Starch RX1500 of Colorcon abroad. This product is a multifunctional excipient and can be used as a filler. It has good fluidity, compressible property, self lubrication and dry adhesion, and has good disintegration. If used for powder direct compression, the dosage of magnesium stearate should not exceed 0.5%, so as to avoid softening effect.