Several Points For Raising Chickens

- Jan 07, 2019-

We raise chickens in order to make money, so we must carry out production in an honest manner, and we must be trustworthy to consumers, and do not touch some of the taboos of the breeding industry to avoid being kicked out.

1. Forbidden zone: This is restricted by national legal documents. Whether it is engaged in chicken or meat and chicken, it is strictly prohibited within the scope of the demarcation, so do not step on the national high-voltage line.

2. Violation of regulations: No matter what the industrial pollution is, we can't say that because of industrial pollution, we don't care about farming. The state focuses on environmental protection. We should also be strict with ourselves and take the lead in environmental protection work to benefit the next generation.

3, abuse of veterinary drugs: chickens will certainly get sick, sick will involve medication, the previous some drugs, the state has banned to continue to use in veterinary use, some farmers and sales plants in order to achieve results, illegal use, now seize If you want to go to jail, why bother to break the law?

4, no serious prevention: a lot of chicken farming, the vaccine is not done, and ultimately lead to failure to clear the field, so the vaccine must be done, the rest of the prevention should focus on management, as long as management prevention is in place, breeding live The rate is guaranteed.

5, do not talk about science: a lot of chicken farmers, I think the chicken is a food chicken, so the chicken back is corn flour, fed for half a year, the chicken is only 2 pounds, a year is not big, death and injury is still big. Scale farming is scientific, and age needs to be used in proportion, not a single diet.