Injection Of Poultry Should Pay Attention

- Dec 29, 2018-

Do not hit the inside of the leg. Because the main vascular nerves on the legs of the birds are on the inside, needle injection here is easy to cause damage to blood vessels and nerves, and there are pinhole bleeding, lameness, and paralysis.

Do not use thick needles for subcutaneous injections. The needle of the thick needle is small in depth and large in the eye of the needle. It is easy to flow out after the medicine is injected, and it is easy to be inflamed and bleed. Therefore, subcutaneous injections, especially for injections of chickens, require a fine needle, and injections of oil can use a slightly thicker needle.

The chest needle can not be stabbed. When the poultry and chicks are shot, the muscles are thin, and the vertical stabs easily penetrate the chest and cause the liquid to enter the chest, causing death. Therefore, in the direction of the sternum, after piercing next to the sternum, the needle core is pulled back to the limit (indicating that the needle is in the muscle), and then the needle is injected into the needle. Do not inject at the same point when the liquid is long. Because the muscles of the birds are thinner than the muscles of pigs and cattle, if a large amount of liquid is injected at a point, it is easy to cause local muscle damage, and it is not conducive to rapid absorption of the drug. The drug solution should be injected into the muscles in multiple portions.