How To Choose Trace Element Feed Additive

- Dec 24, 2018-

At present, there are many kinds of trace element feed additives sold on the market, such as inorganic, organic, and even chelate. The specifications are different, and the characteristics are not the same. Therefore, the price is very different, so it is needed in the purchase process. Very careful.

1. Targeted purchases based on the animal's own nutritional needs. Before choosing different forms of trace element additives, you should fully understand the use, composition, content, biological potency and some shortcomings of each trace element additive, and must not be chosen at will.

2.The selected trace element feed additives require dry, loose, and flowable products. Of course, we must also prevent problems such as deliquescence and consolidation.

3. The purchased products should be products produced by regular manufacturers. In particular, products without production license and approval number should be resolutely resisted, because the quality is not guaranteed and it is easy to affect the growth of animals. Therefore, the choice of the manufacturer is also very important when purchasing.

4. Purchase products near the date of production, because as the storage time increases, the composition of trace elements will gradually decrease, and the loss will become larger. Therefore, it must be used within 6 months of the production date.

5. The uniformity of the product is also very important. The product with poor uniformity is not very effective, and may even cause animal poisoning. Therefore, the determination of the uniformity of its products is also very necessary.