How Do Farmers Disinfect Common Equipment?

- Dec 28, 2018-

Most farmers now learn to use pig needles, sheep needles, beef needles, etc., but little is known about how to disinfect these devices, and some cause the disease between livestock and livestock, poultry and poultry due to long-term non-sterilisation, maintenance and repair. Contagion and use are not easy to use and leaking needle water and so on. How to maintain and disinfect and repair these devices is one of the prerequisites for our work.

First: All kinds of equipment must be inspected before disinfection. If there is damage, it must be disposed of, such as when the needle is bent, loose, and the glass tube is cracked.

Second: the equipment that needs to be disinfected is rinsed with clean water. For example, the glass syringe must separate the needle tube from the needle core. The metal syringe should loosen the adjusting screw, pull out the piston, and take out the glass tube.

Third: put all the instruments such as needles, tweezers, scalpels, pliers and so on into the boiling disinfection box for sterilization. When boiled and sterilized, the water is kept for 15-30 minutes after boiling. After sterilization, put it in a sterile enamel pan with lid.

Fourth: Boiling and disinfecting equipment should be used within the day. Check and repair before use. It can be used after re-disinfection after the expiration date or after opening.