Dextran Production Method

- Nov 30, 2018-

Raw material processing

The dextran partitioning liquid is used to recover a raw material having a relative molecular mass of 5000-7500.

Decolorization, mixing

Add about 300 ml of water to the container, heat and boil, add 100 g of dextran, stir until completely dissolved, and add water to make 100 g/L. Add 30g/L (3%) of activated carbon according to the mass ratio of dextran, stir, boil for 15-30 min, and filter with a No. 3 funnel to obtain a clear filtrate and let it cool to room temperature. The filtrate was taken into a suitable container, and 200 ml of a 650 g/L (65%) ferric chloride solution was added under stirring, and the mixture was stirred to obtain a mixed solution.

Dextrose [distilled water, activated carbon] → [boiled] filtrate [FeCl3] → mixture


In a 100mm×100mm glass ion exchange column, a 701 styrene type weakly basic anion exchange resin was used, and 100 g/L (10%) NaOH was used as a regenerant. The resin was converted into an anion OH type, and the effluent was pH 7-8. No chloride, specific resistance above 50kΩ/cm for catalytic reaction.

The water level in the regenerated resin column is placed at the resin interface, and the mixture is poured into a dynamic catalytic reaction, and the flow rate is controlled at 15 ml/min. When the deep red dextran iron flows out, immediately check the pH value, chloride and specific resistance. The pH should be above 8, the chloride should be negative, and the specific resistance should be 2kΩ/cm or more. When the mixture drops to the resin interface, it begins to elute with water. The feed water speed is controlled at the same rate as the outflow rate. Generally, 2-3 L of effluent can be collected.

Mixed solution [701 resin column] → effluent (iron dextran)


The above effluent was concentrated under reduced pressure at a temperature of 45-65 ° C, and the distillation was stopped at 1 L. The iron content was measured by sampling and the iron content was adjusted as appropriate to 2.5%.

Effluent [40-65 ° C, reduced pressure] → concentrate


The prepared solution is filtered through a No. 3 or No. 4 vertical melting glass funnel, operated according to the sterilization preparation, divided, sealed, and sterilized at 112 ° C for 30 minutes to obtain a finished iron dextran injection.

Concentrate [112 ° C, 30 min] → finished iron dextran injection.