An Introduction To The Classification Of Tablets-2

- Apr 28, 2018-

External use

It refers to vaginal tablets and pressed tablets for the preparation of topical solutions. The former is directly used in vagina, such as Houttuyniae topical tablets for the treatment of chronic cervicitis and anti - enemy rigid tablets for the treatment of trichomoniasis and Trichomonas leucorrhea. A solution is used to dissolve the tablet with a certain amount of buffer solution or water to make a solution of a certain concentration, such as the white stop tablet for eye drop, the compound borax gargle and furilin gargle, for disinfection, and so on. The components of topical solution must be soluble.

Fold other pieces (special pieces)

Microcapsule: refers to solid or liquid drugs made of dried powder by microencapsulation technology, pressed into tablets, such as Vitex negundo oil microcapsules.

Two. Effervescent tablets: tablets containing effervescent disintegration materials. It can be used for oral or external use. Such as Zhixie No. 1 tablet, dripping net boiling piece and so on.

Three, multislice: the granules or different drugs that contain different excipients in each layer of the tablet can avoid the compatibility of the compound drugs, and make the tablets have different effects in the body or have the effect of quick effect and long effect. For example, double Compound Aminophylline Tablets can be made of two granules with quick effect and long effect.