An Introduction To The Classification Of Tablets-2

- Apr 28, 2018-

Oral tablet

One. Buccal tablets, also known as "lozenge", refers to tablets containing slowly dissolving in the buccal cavity. Buccal tablets are mostly used for oral and throat diseases, which can produce long-term curative effects, such as anti-inflammatory and disinfection. Common people, such as iodine - containing larynx tablets, etc. The hardness of this tablet should be large and should not disintegrate rapidly in the oral cavity.

Two. The hypoglossal tablet (sublingual tablets) refers to the tablet used in the tongue or the cheek cavity. The use of the tablet is the same as the buccal tablet. The medical education network collects and collects the sublingual tablet in the oral liquid. The drug is absorbed rapidly through the mucous membrane and plays the therapeutic effect, such as Nitroglycerin sublingual tablets. The effect of pH and enzyme on the stability of the drug and the first pass effect of liver can be avoided. Its requirement is similar to that of the buccal tablet.