A Brief Introduction Of Tablets

- Apr 28, 2018-

It refers to tablets prepared from pharmaceuticals, pesticides and suitable excipients through preparation technology.

It is made up of raw materials, fillers, adsorbents, adhesives, lubricants, dispersants, wetting agents, disintegrating agents, spices and coloring materials.

First, the materials are crushed, granulated, dried, and then made into flakes by pressing machine. Some of them are directly pressed into tablets without granulation and drying.

The quality of the tablet is accurate, the weight difference is small, the disintegration time or dissolution rate conform to the regulations, the hardness is suitable, the appearance is beautiful, the color and lustre are good, it meets the hygienic standard, and it is stable in the storage period. The dosage is accurate, the physical and chemical properties are stable, the storage period is longer, the use, transportation and portability are convenient, the price is low, and the output is high.