Problems in bottle washing machine for oral liquid

- Apr 28, 2018-

(1) there is a national standard based on commonly used oral liquid bottles, that is, "controlled oral liquid bottle" (type A and C) (YY0056-91). At the same time, the oral liquid bottle is clean when it is released from the factory. Therefore, it seems a bit wasteful to extend the use of the moulded bottle in the past. At that time (one super + three water three gas), the cleaning method of Xilin bottle was developed according to the practice of mold antibiotic bottle, and some track type antibiotic bottle washing machine only used only (one super + four station water gas) method, its four station water gas is two water two gas. The antibiotic bottle after this method was verified to reach 10 thousand grade cleanliness and powder needle process. The corresponding index.

(2) some oral liquid bottle washing machines are still in accordance with the requirements of antibiotic bottles, and they are still filtered by 0.22 m in the circulating water system. In this way, a waste filter is configured, because the antibiotic bottle requires 100 levels of laminar flow protection in the circulating water system and after the washing bottle. The preparation of the oral liquid is purified water, and the liquid system is usually filtered by 0.45 m. At the same time, the cleanliness of the oral liquid preparation is only 100 thousand. Therefore, starting from configuration and process matching and saving operation cost, it only needs 0.45 m filter to circulate.