Introduction of oral liquid production equipment

- Apr 28, 2018-

There are two main sources of the main equipment of the oral liquid preparation line: one is the evolution of the equipment of the powder needle production line of the antibiotic bottle, only the replacement head is changed to the liquid peristaltic pump and the removal of the cover stopper, while the cover part is combined with the filling, the other is to draw on the operation of the ampoule washing and drying machine and the syrup equipment. Instead, it only changes the drawing seal into the rolling mechanism or the filling machine in the syrup equipment, and at the same time increases the cover part. When the two types of equipment are used, the washing machine part is improved according to the characteristics and technological requirements of the oral liquid bottle. 

Among them: 

(1) the production line of oral liquid prepared from the production line of antibiotic bottle powder needle is characterized by convenient maintenance, stable and reliable operation, simple and practical organization, long service life and single machine line. The main components are composed of rotary cleaning machine, tunnel sterilizing dryer and rotary oral liquid irrigation mill. 

(2) the production line of oral liquid preparation from ampoule washing and drying machine and syrup equipment is characterized by high automation, stable operation and high production efficiency. The main components are made up of vertical ultrasonic cleaning machine, far-infrared sterilization dryer and oral liquid filling mill.