Existing problems

- Apr 28, 2018-

According to the author's investigation and investigation, there are various opinions on the configuration of oral liquid preparation equipment. According to "the prior problem of the rational allocation of the production process and equipment of oral liquid preparation is the production of non aseptic drugs, the highest level of cleanliness is only 100 thousand." It is generally used in the exposure process cleanliness of 300 thousand "combined with the actual conditions of the current equipment and the disadvantages of the operation and use of the equipment. The problems in the configuration of the oral liquid preparation equipment are summarized as follows:

(1) the 100 level laminar flow is still selected in the preparation of clean air in the sterilization drying box.

(2) when the sterilization and drying control of the sterilizing drying box is configured, it is still configured according to the "pyrogen" of the antibiotic bottle, "350 5min continuous" or other control.

(3) in the bottle washing machine for oral liquid bottles, it is still filtered according to the requirements of the Xilin bottle (one super plus three water and three gas) or 0.22 m on the circulating water system.