About oral liquid

- Apr 28, 2018-

The oral liquid absorbed the technological characteristics of Chinese medicine injections, which was obtained by further refining, concentrating, sealing and sterilizing the decoction. Oral liquid was first appeared in the market in one form of health care products, such as oral liquid of Panax quinquefolium, oral liquid, oral liquid and so on. And recently, many therapeutic oral liquids have emerged in the preparation, such as Bupleurum oral liquid, Yuping Feng oral liquid, yellowish oral liquid, Antiviral Oral-Liquid and antipyretic oral liquid. Wait.

Oral liquid has the advantages of small dosage, quick absorption, stable quality, convenient carrying and taking, and easy preservation. It is especially suitable for industrial production. Some varieties can be suitable for Chinese medicine emergency medicine, such as four reverse Decoction oral liquid, yellowish oral liquid, so in recent years, the tablets, granules, pills, decoction, traditional Chinese medicine mixture, injection and so on are made into oral liquid, which make it one of the fast developing dosage forms in the drug preparation. However, oral liquid production equipment and process requirements are higher and the cost is more expensive.