Tianjin Farto International Industry Limited

Fartovet company was founded in early 1998.Through GMP acceptance at 2006 of injection/orals solution/tablet/herbal medicine/intarammary /premixe/ disinfectant ,At 2017 build up a new production line of raw material of Iron Dextran powder and Iron Dextran solution (veterinary grade).

Hot Products

    • Iron Dextran Powder

      Iron Dextran Powder

      Iron dextran powder(veterinary grade) Other name: Iron dextran complex, ferric dextranum, ferric dextran, iron complex Iron content: 25% 38% CAS NO : 9004-66-4 Quality Standard : I. CVP2010 II.USP34 Molecular formula : (C6H10O5)n·[Fe(OH)3]m Effect : Anti-anemia medicine, to be used in the...

    • Iron Dextran 15% Injection

      Iron Dextran 15% Injection

      Specifications 1.Iron Dextran injection 2.It is for the prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anemia. 3.Specification:(1)10ml: 1.5g USE: The product is a kind of organic injection with high iron content. It has a good effect on preventing and treating iron-deficiency anemia in baby...